Interior Design

Grown Up House Dining by Bonnie Achariyakosol

This couple was ready, y’all! Ready to trade in the hand-me-down chic aesthetic for a space that is really a reflection of their family. The transformation is SO GOOD. Before the transformation everything was just wood. Table? Wood…. Chairs? Oh hey! Wood! More so than the lack of material mixing, THEY just didn’t love their current look so the time was ripe for change.

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Treasure Trove Living by Bonnie Achariyakosol

You know the type, right? Funny, super nice and keeps amazing treasures buried in the bottom of her closet. Basically the dream client! I met this awesome family through a past client so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to discuss their family room update which included the adjoining entry, dining room, sitting room and playroom.

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