M Street Townhouse / by Bonnie Achariyakosol

Texture and contrast were the marching orders I gave this design. This stairwell has its all!

I've been so lucky to have an amazing builder as one of my clients for the past 10 years!  He first hired me to design houses he flipped but has moved on to building gorgeous, solid new construction.  While I always love the personal spaces of my clients, sometimes it's fun to imagine a client and design for them, reminds me of my imaginary friends of childhood.  For this awesome condo project, I envisioned a young hip person who loves to have friends over but needs the space to speak for itself.  No impersonal big box style condo here, thank you very much. 

It was really important to me that these spaces felt like "Home" before any furnishings arrived.  Not only does it show better when they are listed for sale, but I also want them to be ready for my imaginary client to walk right in, hang their collection of travel art and head over to Henderson Ave for their new Warby Parkers.  By mixing warm wood tones, bright whites and deep grey the space has so much inherent interest from the contrast alone.

Large scale iron pendants are bold against the killer backsplash and white cabinets.

Before we designed the floor plans, we toured all of the new townhouses popping up in the area.  I was struck by how so many of the powder baths were a complete after thought.  By tucking the toilet area to the side we were able to create a showstopper vanity, visible as you climb the stairs to the main floor. 

All vanities need light so why not make them awesome?

The bathroom spaces have wonderful natural light thanks to clerestory windows coupled with white glass tiles and paint.  I love the light fixtures mounted in the mirror!  Reflect that light baby!  

Every inch of space was thoughtfully designed so this compact bathroom feels open and bright.

We kept the exterior mostly simple white siding but created a vertical accent of gorgeous grey brick and cedar boxed windows. 

Simple white siding is contrasted with dark brick , natural cedar and metal accents.

Pictures courtesy of Joe Atkins Realty