Rustic Industrial / by Bonnie Achariyakosol

Creating a beautifuly place to work at home can make the late night conference calls a little bit less of a hassle.

It’s not unusual for me to arrive at a new client meeting and REALLY want the job. Sometimes it’s because it's a really cool project and sometimes it’s because I have a thing for really nice people and love working with them! This time it was both. This couple was already working with New Leaf Custom Homes for architectural designs and construction so things were moving along great but they needed help furnishing their new digs. Turns out they knew my husband through a triathlon training group (I mean.... there are only 15 Achariyakosols in the whole WORLD so they knew we had to be related!). They were interviewing a few other designers so I knew I'd have to knock my proposal out of the park.  They sent me a HOUZZ idea book of their style likes which they described as rustic industrial and with budget in mind I set to work pulling together their shared office space and great room design.  I love how well it turned out!

The office is one of the first spaces seen from the entry so the standard issue Office Max desk isn’t going to cut it here. I enlisted a local custom workroom to create a pair of desks that we could partner together in front of the fireplace for a balanced layout and functional design. Also if you need to work at home, why not get to make eyes with your love while you are at it. The couple came with the idea that they wanted something different when it came to the art for the office. Something that wasn’t just another framed piece. Mixing blue blown glass and metal discs creates a playful design that definitely draws your eyes into the room.

In the entry, we were able to utilize the clients’ existing table and suspension photography display but by adding a few new details we created a casual feel. I especially love how the mirrors create height above the table giving it some architectural interest while bringing the tall ceiling height into a cozy scale.

I’m a huge fan of contrast in a space and the white and dark here is no exception!

With a ton of natural light, high ceilings and the floating wood detail the architecture of the great room provides ample space and site lines to accept the large scale sectional and dining table. This room is ready to seat some people! This is a house with BIG dogs so all of the furniture had to pass my “tip test.” What is a tip test you ask? Gently knock your leg against a piece of furniture… does it move? Or worse.. TIP? Then it’s not for a house with over zealous tale wagging or little people with push toys. This gorgeous textured coffee table is made of concrete and the side table is cast bronze, so there isn’t much that can move those babies! Conversation pieces and completely immobile!

Colorful and warm, this space is perfect for entertaining or cuddling on the sofa.

The Breakfast Nook wasn’t a space they anticipated using every day, but they loved the idea of a retro diner table for added interest. I went to my old restaurant design sources and found just the right modern interpretation and tossed a few colorful pillows in for good measure. Now its a colorful space ready to welcome extra diners or a great place for a cozy cup of coffee.

Breakfast nook with all of the cozy punches of color and the coolest retro diner table.

Thanks to New Leaf Custom Homes for the awesome photos!