Entertain and Refresh / by Bonnie Achariyakosol

Once upon a time there was a kitchen that at first glance had some pretty details but after further inspection you noticed that they weren’t installed great and the storage is so inefficient you can’t understand why they even bothered. The sink was cooped up on a weird angled counter that was mirrored on the opposite side of the space. The location of the appliances were placed without concern to work flow, and the pantry was so big it created an abyss for lost snacks. This awesome couple loves to entertain and the kitchen was always at the hub of activity so they needed an update that could give them efficiency and show off their awesome taste! We took everything out to start fresh on layout and design.

First task on the agenda was getting the work flow functioning by reworking the location of almost everything! We had to get the sink out of the timeout corner so clean up wouldn’t feel like punishment but we needed more space on that wall to consolidate all the plumbed appliances! Goodbye wall ovens and walled-in pantry! If you can eliminate those pesky interior walls in a kitchen you will really be surprised how much space you’ll gain! With those elements in place, we turned attention to the cooktop and ovens. Major cooking can go down on the 6-burner stove with integrated double ovens and takes up way less space! These changes not only improved how the space would work, but it also allowed us to scale up the size of the island so you could put a major spread out for your guests.

AFTER: all the details play nicely now and the texture and color draw you in.

After we hashed out the layout update it was time to delve into the decorative elements. One half of this duo wanted the backsplash to be the show stopper while the other half fell absolutely in love with this epic blue stone and neither wanted their overall space to feel busy or boring! We all agreed that we could make it all work if we pushed the island over the top by waterfalling the epic stone over the edge and using this great dimensional warm grey backsplash for balance. In the end it’s so cohesive and balanced with neither element outshining the other.


Finally we created a small counter space adjacent to the breakfast room and the door from the garage. It’s always great to have a place to drop your keys and serve as storage for odds and ends that is OFF the kitchen work surfaces and dining table. The antique mirrored uppers reflect all the beautiful light from the bay windows and the perfectly laid out tile gives warmth and texture.